Sadr, Fu’aad, Qalb,

If you put your hand on your chest and wait until you can find and feel your heartbeat, eventually you will hear it as if its the loudest thing around you. If you close your eyes and really listen you will notice how every other sound in your surrounding is in sync to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

I never paid much attention until a few months ago to just how profound and remarkable the heart really is. A small organ no larger than our fist that controls our everything. Should it stop for a mere three minutes, it is enough to leave you severely brain damaged, should you fail to take care of your spirituality then you can feel it hardened and blackened, unable to find peace and contentment in anything.

In Islam the heart is thought of in three ways, all in conjuction with one another. The general term for and understanding of the heart, Qalb, the turning and ever changing, the sometimes eratic and unpredictable, used in the Qur’an when Allah Swt mentions the illnesses of our spiritual hearts. Whilst the Qalb is initially made completely pure, the way for any slither of corruption or illness to penetrate it is via the chest or ‘sadr’. The shaytan is unable to reach our qalb so easily, therefore any waswas he whispers seeks entrance via our external parts, our chests, hands, tongues etc and with the free will we have been gifted, we ultimately decide whether we allow the waswas to find a way in and be acted upon.

Contrastingly, Fu’aad is used in the Holy Qur’an as a means to highlight and signify the emotional matters of the heart. Linking close to being ‘inflamed’ or ‘enlarged’, for the heart to be on fire: emotional and overwhelmed with either happiness, lust, anger, sadness etc… all of which affect our actions, causing us to either do good or to either commit sin, something we will undoubtedly be held to account for as Allah swt Allah tells us in surah Al isra , 'Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – all those will be questioned' (17:36) , referring here to the heart as fu’aad as opposed to Qalb. - as if the matters of the heart weren’t astounding enough already when looked at in light of the Qur’an and the language of Qur’an, it exceeds anything we thought we could make sense of before. Taking care of the physical and spiritual go hand in hand, but it is only the spiritual that can lead to an eternity of contentment.

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My life consists of things like lying awake in the middle of the night knowing that everyone else is asleep and im the only one who knows the living room light is on and if I dont go and turn it off it makes me a careless and wasteful human being.

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…By Allaah, had they known the ugliness of my inner self,
Whoever met me would have refused to greet me
And they would have shunned me and be disgusted with my friendship
And I would have drawn on myself disgrace after honour
But You covered my faults and defects,
And You bore my sin and my tyranny
So all Praise is to You, and all commendations
With my thoughts, my limbs and my tongue…

Nuniyyah al-Qahtani

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Quran 51:50 calligraphy – Flee to Allah

فَفِرُّوا إِلَى اللَّهِ

So flee, all of you (believers), to Allah. (Quran 51:50)

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And God endows those who avail themselves of His guidance with an ever-deeper consciousness of the right way Sūrat Maryam, verse 76 (via pearlsfromthepath)
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